Ink and watercolor

In most of my work I use an ink and wash technique. I prefer to draw with dark inks because it provides the highest contrast. My most recent work includes watercolor which helps to provide grey tones with smooth transitions.

Linocut printmaking

Another medium of choice for my work is linocut printmaking. Each print is made by carving the reverse image in linoleum, inking up the surface and hand printing the image to paper with the use of a small press or a wooden spoon.


I sell artwork all over the country through Art-o-mat vending machines. These are old cigarette machines that have been repurposed for vending small pieces of art for $5. The three series I have available in machines at this time are Ink and Caffeine (linocut), Nature’s backbone (ink drawings), and Dr. Jody’s Cabinet of Curiosities (linocut).

RPG and Fantasy art

Occasionally I make illustrations for Caulbearer Press. My artwork can be found in the campaign journal Thulaen Lands and in the zine The Hidden Necropolis.