Messages in my work: Death

I am obsessed with death.  Part of this obsession is death in its physical form.  I am curious about health, longevity, the aging process, and decomposition.  I have a passion for medicine, anatomy, physiology and the natural world.  I spend a lot of time on the computer researching best health practices, the names and etiology of various diseases, and the names and placements of muscles and bones.  I’m fascinated with ecosystems and how they maintain themselves.  I am in love with the idea that one day, my decomposing body will provide food (and life) for animals, insects, and plants.

I am also obsessed with death because I’m afraid of dying.  My  father’s sudden and untimely death in 2009 shook my foundation.  He was only 52 years old (and I found out that his mother only lived until 47).  In addition to a typical mourning of a parent process, I developed a fear of my own untimely death.  I realized that if I only lived as long as they did, I would die unhappy and unfulfilled.  So I turned my grief into motivation.  Motivation to live my life in accordance to my values and what makes me happy instead of being miserable and doomed by my fate.  I just said “fuck it, lets see where this goes” and started creating.

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