Messages in my work: Contrasts

We must accept contrasts to remain at peace with our existence.  You can’t get something for nothing.  You can’t have all the good things.  There must be sacrifices.  Nothing will be terrible forever.  There must be bad with the good, there must be comfort with the pain.  If you don’t have the shit in your life, then when will you ever know how to appreciate when things are good?

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Too often we spend time chasing happiness.  We go to therapy, we take drugs, we push away the sadness and the ennui.  We think, if I just get rid of these bad feelings, everything will be better.  But life is as much about pain as it is about pleasure, as much about sadness as it is about happiness, as much about disgust as it is about beauty.   

My comfort and pleasure in the dark, creepy, and weird has isolated me over the years. I enjoy things that disturb me, make me uncomfortable, scare me, and creep me out.  Unfortunately, these are the exact things that most people want to avoid. So I become the person that most people want to avoid.  I made this isolation worse by choosing a stuffy professional career.  I made this isolation worse by deciding that I am more content to be myself than to pretend to be something that fits in well with others.

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